November 9, 2020 - With their new song "Peace Sign," Pink Elefants decided they really wanted to give back to the local community in Baltimore, which has shown them immense support over the years — for both Pink Elefants and their previous projects. Instead of making a standard music video, the band took the entire budget provided by their label, Chirp Entertainment, and poured it into food, clothes, and other necessities for locals.

That's right — they gave away all of the money to those in need in their community and to local support programs.

"Ever been in a relationship and you're trying to work it out, but just can't come to a solution? You probably get to a point where you just want the disagreement to go away," the band says. "'Peace Sign' is about just saying forget it and moving on, whether that be staying together and forgetting about it, or going your separate ways. Either way, 'Let me get a peace sign.'"

While the music of Pink Elefants leans pop, the trio incorporates old school hip-hop flair and influences from their alt-rock background to create a genre-less landscape for listeners who seek modern, rule-defying music. Drawing on inspiration from the imagery found in the classic Disney track "Pink Elephants on Parade," the band aims to express the complexity of human emotion through sound.

The three very different individuals who comprise Pink Elefants hope to inspire others to challenge themselves and take unfamiliar approaches to modern music. Their true passion lies within the creation of the tracks, and "Peace Sign" does not fall short of their attuned approach to true genre-less magic, standing as close as it does far from the rest of their catalog.

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