Slaughter Beach, Dog Releases “Fair Shot” To Benefit Protestors

By Nick Manduley

June 10, 2020

Philadelphia folk-punkers Slaughter Beach, Dog released a new single via Lame-O records titled “Fair Shot” on June 5th. The track is available on bandcamp for the name-your-price option; all proceeds will be donated to the Philadelphia Bail Fund.

Fair Shot” is a mid-tempo jam that remains true to the lofi-folk punk stylings Slaughter Beach, Dog is known for. The droning slide-guitar leads, harmonica, and organ meld perfectly with frontman Jake Ewald’s careful yet rhythmic guitar strumming. The track’s lyrics are very consistent with Ewald’s style of lyricism; while the use of narratives and interpersonal language have been staples in Ewald’s writing since his days in Modern Baseball, he touches on some somber points on this new track.

“Under the sun I hear my sister in the street / They pulled the car by close so she could see her family.” This can be interpreted as a stark reminder that these historic protests against systemic racism and police brutality are happening against the backdrop of a global pandemic; a time where many people are confined to their homes, and are separated from loved ones and extended family. For the first time in recent memory, society has had to stand together by standing apart. This can be tough on families for a variety of reasons, which Ewald touches upon in “Fair Shot”: “The stupid kid won’t eat, won’t speak or look at me / He asks for you / He never did quite what you told him to.”

Fair Shot” is the first single to be released since the band dropped Safe And Also No Fear last August. Looking back on that time feels like an entirely different era. As much of the music industry continues to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, society will continue to witness the release of more music to benefit the cause. History will hopefully look back on these works as a new era of protest music.

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