Asbury Sunset Presents Announce Final Shows at Watermark

By Tim Cabrey

March 25, 2021

Asbury Sunset Presents has announced the final livestream performances taking place this weekend at  Watermark in Asbury Park

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Sat March 27th @ 5pm

Asbury Sunset Presents The Wag streaming live from Watermark in Asbury Park in a special 800th performance for The Fest for Beatles' Fans. With their trademark harmonies, unbridled enthusiasm and fun, The Wag will pay tribute to the Beatles and perform some of their original music as well. The stream can be seen on The Wag's Facebook page as well as Asbury Sunset Presents YouTube page.

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Sun March 28 @ 5pm

Asbury Sunset Presents Wishbone streaming live from Watermark in Asbury Park. Wishbone is a heavy-hitting psych-funk band of virtuosos formed at William Patterson University in 2018 featuring Nick Nella, Mike Bereski, Liam Kerekes and Jordan Pesola. This stream is the last of The Watermark Series by Asbury Sunset Presents and one you won't want to miss.

The Asbury Sunset Series supporting local musicians and non-profits would not have been possible without the generosity and support of Russell Lewis, owner of Watermark, and for the dedication of Cooper Davis of Super Duper Sounds who created the best productions possible. Thanks to them, and to all the bands and fans who supported our efforts. Thanks also to Robert Mark McDonald of Space and Company NJ for his continued support.

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