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Old Bridge, New Jersey— On May 7, 2021 Diego Allessandro, the former front man of the two-time Asbury Music Award Top Americana Band nominee Lot 25, announced the release of a sixth full length studio release called DiegoFM 84.6FM coming on his 37th birthday June 25, 2021 via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other major digital retailers and streaming services. Seven of the songs on the album have been released at an interval of two to three months since July 26th, 2019 as singles starting with “I’ll Fall With You.” The album will feature the seven singles remixed, an alternate “band take” of the song “Jupiter Blue” which was released with a synthpop arrangement in April of 2020 and 4 all new albums tracks.

“For the past 5 years or so I’ve been stock piling an arsenal of pop tunes,” Allessandro said in 2019. “As I finished production on ‘The Losin’ Kind’ and started writing the bulk of songs that would become ‘Eden Boulevard’ and ‘This American Life’ a lot of great pop music got left behind. With 80s music going through a bit of a renaissance, I focused on synthesizers, loops and 80s/90s production since so much of the writing was influenced by my favorite pop songs from my childhood. Music lovers will get a chance to hear brand new songs that bring them right back to that great period of 1982-1996.”


Originally these new songs were to be recorded with Lot 25 and released in 2020 as the bands follow up to ‘Eden Boulevard’ and would have been given the title ‘Mixtape’ on LP, CD and Cassette while the digital release with more modern alternate takes would have been titled ‘Playlist.’ When the group disbanded in 2017, Allessandro began recording the songs on his own inviting only a couple of friends to contribute to the recordings, like the late Gary Trippiedi who contributed sax on “I’ll Fall With You” and “Closer to You.” Tom Coughlin contributed the sax on “Long For You” while former Lot 25 band mate Brian Morelli played the drums on “Long For You” as well.

Those who purchase the album from Allessandro’s website DiegoA.net/DiegoFM get three bonus tracks not available for streaming. A remixed synthpop arrangement of “Jupiter Blue” as well as an all-new recording of a 2017 single “Lonely in Brooklyn” and an outtake titled “Bodies on Fire” featuring the final collaboration with sax player Gary Trippiedi shortly before his death in 2020. Fans can preorder the album now at DiegoA.net/DiegoFM for just $10.

Track Listing

Dance Tonight

I’ll Fall With You

Jupiter Blue

Beso Carmesí

Come the Morning

Yours Mine Ours

Long For You



She is January

Closer to You

I Wish I Knew


Born in 1984, Allessandro’s trademark sound blending Americana with 80s and 90s pop and 2000s punk has earned him two nominations in the Asbury Music Awards Top Americana Band category with his former band Lot 25. Whether you’re on the floor showcasing your best moves or at the bar just listening, Diego Allessandro pairs his best songs with fun, electrifying covers that create an explosive, lively, and dynamic atmosphere for all. It’s no secret why LeicesterBangs.BlogSpot.com raves “...[Allessandro] stamps his own identity on his chosen genre with a series of strong songs, which ooze blue collar imagery, and come fully loaded with hooks aplenty.” Diego Allessandro is a powerful voice in Americana music articulating both the American Millennial and immigrant experiences. Since 2012, Allessandro has self-released four well received full length solo efforts, the most recent in 2018 titled ‘This American Life’ and two singles. Released with Lot 25, he penned the bands acclaimed rock opera ‘Eden Boulevard’ and it’s two singles, all in 2016.

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