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JUNE 18, 2021 - We're super excited to announce that DUMMY has released the official music video for their follow up single, "Afterthought!" Since the release in May, DUMMY has been on the radar exceeding expectations and is ready for the next installment featuring a cinematic side of the band. The video is inspired by the bands love for 80's horror movies. They especially take references from The Lost Boys, The Witch, Video Drone, and many more.

"Afterthought" embodies the feelings of a hopeless romantic reminiscing on how things could have turned out for the better. The eerie elements of the song are traced by the vocals, and synths. Members of the band convey their musical and theatrical influences demonstrated throughout early film elements, and the music they all heard growing up in their household.

DUMMY has received incredible feedback from their debut release of "Suddenly" and has been featured in Music Blogs and Playlists worldwide.

"DUMMY is determined to marry the cold, harsh realities of the goth-sphere, to the endless hopefulness of modern indie arena-rock. Their songs are catchy, their choruses are loud and fist-pumping and enticing. Suddenly is a great calling card. It should get them on the radio, major festival bills, or at the very least some free drinks in a rock bar, on a Saturday night. We are hopeful of all three." 

-Eduardo [ALT77.COM]

Formed in 2019, Ben Nelson and Jeff Fetzko, started writing songs out of old riffs and rough melodies.

After releasing a few demos on SoundCloud, Cris and Matt Nace (Former bandmates / old friends) liked the sound and thought they could bring something to the table. After a few jam sessions, the band reached out to Carlee Ahart, a childhood friend, who took piano lessons from Ben’s Mother but has since moved her talents to guitar and singing. Together they all created a unique, original sound that brings to life a nostalgia for ’80s, 90’s, and early 2000’s rock music.

Dummy’s debut single “Suddenly” tackles the feelings falling in and out of love rapidly. “Suddenly” is out now on Youtube as well as all streaming platforms. “Suddenly” is a single off of the upcoming EP.

Check out APV's recent interview with DUMMY!

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