Jace Allen Releases "Pissed Off at You" to Benefit COVID-19 Patients & Hospitality Workers

March 12, 2021

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Boulder: CO - Jace Allen (aka Jason Mendelson) spent many years as a lauded venture capitalist and philanthropist. As a founding partner of The Foundry Group, he helped nurture many US startups from their infancy, but music has always been his one true love and with it at the helm of his efforts, he is determined to make a difference. Jace has now released "Pissed Off at You," a ballad in the tradition of classic soul, on all streaming platforms and on bandcamp, with an express purpose: to benefit those still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Part of Jace's Bandcamp proceeds from "Pissed Off at You" are going directly toward buying flowers for all coronavirus patients at Boulder Community Health, his local hospital in Colorado. In addition, Jace has contributed funds of his own to the Colorado Relief Fund, which aids restaurant and hospitality workers in need due to the pandemic.

Listen to the song now:

To Jace Allen, music is not only a passion but part of a mission - to connect with others, and to serve community. This effort is the first chapter of a dynamic set of genre-bending releases in 2021, leading up to his album Taking Sides, that will serve a common purpose - to give back, and contribute to the hopeful future of our greater good.

About Jace Allen

Jace Allen is a celebrated venture capitalist, philanthropist, author and musician who specializes in lush, story-driven songs that defy genre and captivate the ear. As an artist, his unyielding focus is to merge art with philanthropy, attempting to create community and support through creativity, and to hopefully aid as many as he can through his pursuits.

✏️Press release courtesy of Jace Allen.✏️

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