50+ Musicians from 30+ Bands Participated!

By Gregory "The Poet" Schwartz

February 1, 2021

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"The NPCs means 'non-player characters' - it's a video game term for the random characters on side quests. Basically a play on words since we're all musicians (characters) who just want to play but can't due to COVID."

~ Josh Hershkovitz


Fifty-six musicians and more than thirty bands

uniting to perpetuate the vibe their community loves to provide.

Each member, knowing each member of each band.

Each band being in contact with each member of their audience.

Also putting together a Christmas album for charity: Arose Such a Clatter 2020 available on Band Camp.

Posting videos on a regular basis; their latest being:

The NPCs - "Fight For Your Right" (Beastie Boys Cover)

created with 50+ Musicians from 30+ bands!

Check out the video below on their Youtube channel! 

"Fight For Your Right" (Beastie Boys cover)

The NPCs music is the brainchild idea of Josh Hershkovitz from Backyard Superheroes.

The reality becomes it's reward when everyone sacrifices their time management to be part of a greater cause. "For teamwork makes the dreamwork."

When this grassroots constituent of SKA musicians and family members organize to creatively survive by rebelling against the limitations of live jamming harnessing the power of music into an essence strong enough tear down the walls this global pandemic has leveled upon musicians world wide.

Life is neither black or white.

Chess can be played on a checkers board.

Citizen SKA, Asbury Park Vibes presents to you - the reader -  the participants of this on going endeavor:

Andy B And The World, Backyard Superheroes Counterpunch, Cranberry, Batcave Dangit, Fandangle, Fat Chance, High School Football Heroes Housebound Ska Collective, Hub City Stompers Llama Tsunami, Love on acid, Madaline, Megawave Millington, MONKEY, New Riot, No Vertebrae Public Serpents, Sean on the drums, Short Notice Ska'd 4 Life, Suburban Legends, The Day After The Resignators, The Scotch Bonnets The Skluttz, Thirteen Towers, Younger Than Neil

Godspeed to those doing the Lord's work.

"Superman" (Goldfinger cover)

"Ghost Town" (The Specials' cover)

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Gregory Schwartz - 2007 Poet Laureate Asbury Park. Lyricist for Gorky Park Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989.

Rolling Stone: pictures from Bamboozle 2012. Featured in the Steve Forbert Video "Sandy."

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