VOLTAGEHAWK Release Live Performance Lyric Video for "Straight Razor"

By Matty K

April 1, 2021

New LP, Electric Thunder, Upcoming via TLG / INgrooves!

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Hey guys! Here’s another one that’s definitely worth checking out. No foolin'!!

Voltagehawk is a pure rock band out of Nashville, TN and they’ve just released a live performance lyric video for their latest single, “Straight Razor.” This is a hard rocking performance that will leave you wanting more but...there is hope. The video is creative and serves its purpose well, giving us a taste of the groups stage presence and song writing flare...both will grab your attention.

Imperfection is part of being human. We often hurt the people we love and don’t even know it. When we become self aware and mindful, suddenly we can see 'gunpowder power' in our loved ones' eyes. Sometimes we meet our match with someone who loves us so much that they will kick our ass to save our life. That’s the story of Straight Razor, my girl.“ - Dan Fenton (Vocals / Guitar)

If you’re into bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, or Clutch...Voltagehawk just might be your next obsession. With DNA built of heavy riffs and raging rhythms, the group is about to unleash a potent dose of creativity with their forthcoming LP, Electric Thunder. It sounds like this one is a concept album, which you’ve just got to love. Considering where most of the music industry has veered off to nowadays, this is a return to what made rock & roll an art form.

Voltagehawk is about to unleash some rock power upon us so...be prepared!

Check out the lyric video for “Straight Razor” on YouTube, follow the band on all of the major social media platforms, and read more about the band below!


Hell-bent on pushing the sonic envelope, Nashville rockers Voltagehawk quickly set a ground rule that “NO” was never welcome in the creative space.

While recording at Electric Thunder Studios with Geoff Piller, Mastering by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering (Black Keys, Ghost, Arctic Monkeys, Dr John, Marilyn Manson) the band put together an energetic, fast paced, melodic opener set and quickly found themselves supporting national touring acts including Beasto Blanco (Chuck Garric of Alice Cooper), The Pink Spiders, Goodbye June, Toke, and Duel.

Continuing on its mission to fuse melodic Nashville songwriting sensibilities with raw Rock and Roll power, Voltagehawk is excited to release its debut full length 13 song space epic Electric Thunder!

Electric Thunder is the soundtrack to the greatest space epic yet to be told!

This adventure follows a young heroine's journey through space and time as she comes to realize she is the only translator for the most important message Earth has ever received!


Voltagehawk exists as a collective of artists, traversing space and time as we seek to know thyself through an authentic connection to the cosmos, using the preferred communication of music and art to express the emotion of togetherness.

Listen to Straight Razor!

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Matty K is an avid rock & roll fan. The sounds, the imagery, the folklore...there’s a passion for it all. Lifelong Jersey local and a self-proclaimed “basement musician,” he finds himself spending a lot of time explaining why he’s not a music snob. “Hmm...maybe I am.”


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