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[New Jersey I May 6, 2022] -  Following on from the global success of her debut EP Better Part Of Me, New Jersey singer and songwriter Alex Julia delivers a fast-paced anthem of indie rock presence that’s quick to leave its mark.

Driving with pop-punk power chords, catchy vocals and a certain air of heartbreak and nonchalance delicately intertwined, "Cry Wolf" lures you in with its indie rock rhythm and presence, and holds you captive with its precise, poetic reflections on the depths of relationship turmoil.

Far from simply grinding away with empty content just for the views, artist and songwriter Alex Julia refreshes the modern music world with authenticity and soul – writing from the heart, with purpose, and releasing only the best of the best when all is said and done. As such, her debut EP made waves across the global scene, and her catalogue still attracts tens of thousands of streams monthly. The brand new single, faster paced and all the more mighty in melody, looks set to raise the bar further still.

As is the Alex Julia way, the verses delve into the story with revealing honesty and details that intrigue. Then to resolve, songwriting strength flying higher than ever, the hook injects a welcomed energy, presence and connection that quickly gets you singing you along; engaged in this hypnotic meeting between melancholy and celebration.

Consistently an artist whom masterfully captures and delivers the spaces between extremes – a Libra, devoted to harmony, to finding the middle ground between love and loss – Alex Julia increasingly strengthens that bond between artist and audience, not least of all with the cascading rhythms and unforgettable melodies of "Cry Wolf."

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