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[Long Branch, NJ ~ June 22, 2022] ~  New Jersey alt rock staple, Malibu, is set to release their debut album Lenses on July 1, 2022.

After nearly five years since forming at Monmouth University, Malibu has finally finished their landmark album. With the help of Telegraph Hill Records producer Joe Pomarico, the Malibu boys have crafted a ten song album that shows a level of growth in songwriting and production surpassing their Dangerous Valentine EP days. While it falls under the umbrella of alt rock, Lenses boasts a diverse range of sounds and influences ranging from Phoebe Bridgers to The Killers to Neutral Milk Hotel. The previously released singles “Eventually” and “Never Ending May” are a preview of the album’s shifting tides between folk rock and anthemic power pop. Lenses corrals these influences into a uniquely uniform sound that contains the band’s rawest lyrics yet. From the euphoric highs to the lowest of lows, Lenses shows Malibu in their true-to-life form.

The process of creating Lenses took roughly three years of obsessively recording, re-recording, mixing, then erasing and starting over again. The album instrumentation mainly consists of Malibu’s three core members: Ray Laux, Sco Buksbaum and Eric Schwar. However, a cast of over a dozen characters playing instruments from mandolins to trumpets can be heard throughout the record. Joe Pomarico was at the helm of the recording and mixing process the entire way.

On July 9, Malibu will be playing their release show at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ. After a listen-through of Lenses, you’ll be rushing to Cookman Ave to hear your new favorite songs played live.

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