NEW JERSEY, USA [February 11, 2022] - Morningside Lane have released the energetic “Like A Season” to all streaming platforms today. This release is the first from the band under their new music distributor, Universal Music Group.

Drummer Brian Morelli cites the band’s management at Worldsound and American Artiste as the driving force behind the partnership, saying, “We couldn’t have done this without Warren [Wyatt] and the whole team. This takes Morningside Lane to a new level!”

Morningside Lane channeled acts like The Killers to create “Like A Season,” an uptempo track with a relentless groove and infectious hooks. Marc Del Giudice finds himself belting lyrics about a relationship gone sour, while Morelli and bassist Frankie P. showcase themselves as an air-tight rhythm section. The song’s cherry-on-top is a catchy synthesizer hook, delivered by keyboardist Dennis Matusche, which solidifies the song as an absolute earworm from Morningside Lane.

The band brought back producer Liam Manansala Reyes, the mastermind behind “Temperamental” and “Good Men”, to once again create a sound that is “fresh, but familiar”, tapping influences from the 80’s to today.

Catch Morningside Lane on March 10th, 2022 at The Saint, as part of Asbury Park’s Light Of Day celebration. For additional tour dates, visit their website!

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Phoo Credit: Kris Khunachak Multimedia

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