Rory D’Lasnow Explores Missed Connections

With Latest Single "Happy"

By Kenny Bieber

December 8, 2020

There are many songs that despite their title explore and convey emotions that are quite the opposite. North Jersey singer-songwriter Rory D’Lasnow has added his own distinctive stamp to the mix with his latest single “Happy,” a stripped down acoustic number reflecting on a past relationship gone astray. D’Lasnow’s songwriting is notable for it’s raw honesty and sincerity and he brings that to the table here in spades along with a strong and intimate vocal performance that anchors the track without over-veering into sentimentality. Lyrically, D’Lasnow examines standard themes like heartache and the process of moving on with a perspective that’s organic and soulful and refreshingly understated as well. While the track may seem small-scale on the surface, production-wise “Happy” offers some fascinating layers from it’s indie-folk arrangements to some rich harmonica work from fellow singer-songwriter Phil Robinson.

These elements converge to make “Happy” a nuanced number both musically and lyrically and provides a further showcase of D’Lasnow’s passionate and dynamic musical talents. This track is expected to appear on his upcoming EP which will also likely feature tracks such as this year’s “An American Lie,” a powerful and sobering meditation on racial tensions and equality in America. With the diverse nature of both tracks, D’Lasnow is establishing a unique progression and a fascinating presence in the local NJ music community. If you ask me, now that’s something to be “Happy” about!

Happy” is available on all streaming platforms and be sure to tune into the Singer-Songwriter Showcase on Instagram every Wednesday at 8 PM!

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Photo Credit: Diane DiMemmo

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