By Gregory Schwartz

January 7, 2021

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The Pale Cast of Thought is a four-song introduction that envelops the welcoming of Post-Covid gatherings, as one day again, Coffee Houses, Churches, and Open Mics will host live music.

Vocalist Jordan Miller's music and videos can be found at

A live setting performance is captured in the video "21st Century Love Song" by ACT 20 - Live at Workshop 13 in Ware, MA.

As we patiently await for this Connecticut resident to visit us with a performance. Hopefully at either Cafe Artiste at the Jersey Shore Art Center or Stay Gold in Howell.


To bring people together and experience a distant look back through the isolation of quarantine, that is no longer a way of life. And to freely celebrate the renewed nature of being "Alone" no more.

Of the people, By the people, and For the people.

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Gregory Schwartz - 2007 Poet Laureate Asbury Park.

Lyricist for Gorky Park Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989.

Rolling Stone: pictures from Bamboozle 2012.

Featured in the Steve Forbert's Video, "Sandy."

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