Review by Nick Manduley

March 15, 2021

Fresh out of Central Jersey, newly-formed deathgrind project Bestial Tongues independently released their debut single “Smoldering Cauldron” on March 12th. The band was formed after members of local NJ acts Kong and Drive, Kid set out to create a nasty and brutal passion project during quarantine.

The track fades in with piercing, harsh noise under pounding drums and bassist Mark Rodriguez’s meaty basslines, before vocalist Anthony Izworski delivers a few lines of brutal vocals. Guitarist Alex Peragine then takes center stage with a head-achingly fast riff as drummer Connor Hastings launches the song into the stratosphere with coldly-calculated blast beats.

Listen to Smoldering Cauldron!

Izworski’s vocal prowess is a proven force to be reckoned with; his gut-churning low growls and fierce high-screams give way to a fervent bout of noise, which boils over into a grinding, hair-spinning breakdown. The tune beats its way into a noisy oblivion, fizzling out with scraping guitar feedback.

The band is currently working on their debut EP, which they hope to release sometime this year according to their official Instagram account. “Smoldering Cauldron” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

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Nick Manduley is an aspiring music journalist and musician from Bradley Beach, NJ. He is currently an intern at Relix Magazine where he helps produce and curate online content. Since 2016, he has provided guitars and vocals for the local punk band Drive, Kid. Drive, Kid released an EP and a full-length album in 2018, and are currently recording their sophomore LP.

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