Review by Kenny Bieber

May 10,  2021

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Rising ALT-pop talent Dreamer Boy has been consistently crafting his own unique sound and aesthetic for quite some time now. On his second full-length album -  All The Ways We Are Together - he manages to fully hone his genre-elastic approach and sensitive, introspective songwriting over a collection of lush and elegantly crafted pop anthems. The sonic scope of the record is at times both grand and intimate with arrangements that combine elements of R&B, pop, glam rock, indie and ambient making for a uniquely diverse and expansive sonic experience.

The songwriting as well reflects a deeper span of subject matter such as interpersonal relationships, loneliness, human experience and desire with an understated yet sincere and soulful presentation that allows for a genuine resonance. The artistic progression of Dreamer Boy’s music can be most deeply illustrated in “Don’t Be a Fool” and “Cry Baby,” two tracks that showcase a sophisticated R&B and modern pop sensibility and contain some of his most assured and mature performances yet; both  immediately introduce themselves as highlights.

Other tracks on the record manage to merge Dreamer Boy’s experimental aspects with pop-centric which result in some fascinating layers like the atmospheric indie-pop of “Bike” and the hypnotic ambient suite of “Lightspeed,” “Mesa” and “Shoreline.” These sonic elements allow for the record to feel vibrant and richly orchestrated while effectively avoiding being pigeon-holed musically.


What’s truly striking about the record is how cohesive and fluid each stylistic shift and production choice feels throughout. As an album, ATWAT juxtaposes airy ballads, psychedelic numbers and smooth alternative pop and while this could result in a cluttered record, thankfully the record manages to maintain an engaging and dynamic range. Lyrically and vocally, Dreamer Boy turns in some of his most committed performances. On highlights such as “Let’s Hold Hands” he delivers one of his most enchanting and sweeping vocal performances over gorgeous and breezy arrangements. In “Sweatshirt,” he maximizes the most of it’s understated settings and allows it to be an impactful and intimate number. Songwriting-wise, Dreamer Boy imbues the songs here with an organic perspective that allows the insights to feel fully-dimensional and handles the emotional subject matter with a welcome sense of artistry and humanity.

Ultimately though, what truly allows All The Ways We Are Together to qualify as a triumph is its sheer exuberance and joy towards crafting and creating music. There’s a newfound passion and vitality here that allows Dreamer Boy’s musical ideas to feel their most fully realized and committed to date. It also helps that the record manages to give its ideas equal time and space to come alive without feeling overcrowded, an impressive feat at 16 tracks. For many artists, the overriding objective is to evolve and remain as multi-faceted as possible. For Dreamer Boy, they’ve more than managed that task with their dynamic, soulful and personal new record All The Ways We Are Together. If the title is any indication, it’s all going to be coming together for this artist very soon.

Top Tracks: “Let’s Hold Hands”, “Crybaby”, “Don’t Be a Fool”, “Mesa”, “Shoreline”, “Sweatshirt”

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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.


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