Jackie June Keeps Her Talents Shining on Latest Single “Afterglow”

Review by Kenny Bieber

February 2, 2021

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NJ-based singer-songwriter Jackie June is kicking off her year with a bang with the release of her latest single “Afterglow,” which continues her streak of dynamic, uplifting and sophisticated rock-pop with her honest, raw, and catchy songwriting. June’s first single of the year follows two previous singles she released in 2020, the 90’s ALT-rock inspired “On The Move” and the soulful pop balladry of “Can’t Quit You.”

Showing a notable sonic progression, "Afterglow"  embraces a heavier rock-based sound with anthemic choruses and arguably June’s most committed and powerful vocal performance thus far. What distinguishes “Afterglow” as a stand-out track is its mixture of both arena-rock and intimate pop sounds coupled with June’s trademark vulnerability and sincerity ... her lyrical and vocal content creating a truly diverse and well-rounded listening experience.

In terms of June’s growing discography, “Afterglow” is further proof of her expanded artistry thanks to its emotionally rich subject matter and equally rich production (courtesy of Rob Freeman of Audio Pilot Studios and co-written by Jimmy Meier of local NJ ALT-rock band The Dives). Plainly stated, "Afterglow" currently stands as Jackie's most accomplished and engaging single to date.

While much involving live music and performance these days is uncertain, Jackie June is most definitely maintaining her ability to create soulful, passionate and sophisticated music. It's very apparent that she isn't slowing down anytime soon and her shine isn’t dimming anytime either!

Be sure to be on the lookout for the video to “Afterglow” coming soon and give Jackie a follow on all streaming and social platforms!


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