Jem Records Celebrates Brian Wilson

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This 15-song Jem roster collaboration is a full-on vibe. A heartwarming collection, beautifully uplifting throughout the running order.

Shifting to a fifth gear continuum keeps the listeners' imagination full speed ahead.

The stronger tracks are just that; as the weaker tracks are open for interpretation (there might not be any).

Mature arrangements using aspects of the original bless each band with a uniqueness, leaving them free from falling into a cliche of potential monotony.

Experienced craftsmanship of final mix and production technique are celebrated, giving the listener's inner ear a sense of comfort and belonging.

With American Bandstand in the rearview mirror this project is ever forward, straight from the spirit of infinite love and respect.

In the era of streaming may the listener create their own playlist. Have fun rearranging the running order, you can't misplace a song.

"The Warmth of the Sun,” The Weeklings

“Help Me, Rhonda,” The Weeklings

“You’re So Good to Me,” The Grip Weeds

“Hang On to Your Ego,” Nick Piunti

“Dance, Dance, Dance,” Johnathan Pushkar

“Love & Mercy,” The Gold Needles

“Girl Don’t Tell Me,” The Anderson Council

“Don’t Worry Baby,” Lisa Mychols & Super 8

“Heroes and Villains/Roll Plymouth Rock,” The Grip Weeds

“In My Room,” Richard Barone

“Do It Again,” The Midnight Callers

“I Get Around,” Richard Barone and Johnathan Pushkar

“I’d Love Just to See You,” The Anderson Council

“Please Let Me Wonder,” Johnathan Pushkar

“Pet Sounds (Story),” Lisa Mychols & Super 8

Jem Records, please continue this series.

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