Kate Dressed Up Returns With Triumphant New Single

“Ride Home”

Review by Kenny Bieber

Photos by Diane DiMemmo

March 2, 2021

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Philadelphia-based Indie-folk outfit Kate Dressed Up have returned with their first original single since 2017 and it appears that the wait was well worth it with their latest single “Ride Home.” The track is bolstered by an Americana/folk-inspired approach and contains some equally impressive songwriting from lead vocalist Kate Miller as the song explores the complexities of an intimate connection. The track also benefits from its memorable hook, call and response melodies and some refreshingly organic arrangements that allow it to build in momentum thus immediately engaging listeners. The appeal of Kate Dressed Up lies in their honest yet sophisticated lyricism and unique chemistry and “Ride Home” benefits from the rich musicality and interplay the band innately possesses and allows for the arrangements to fully come alive. The lead vocal performance by Kate Miller is understated yet full of rich vulnerability, intimacy and anchors the track with a genuine emotional resonance that sticks with the listener throughout.

"Ride Home"

The latest video for the single out now appropriately finds Kate wandering the woods on a journey of some kind and manages to artfully accompany the rustic and adventurous nature of the song itself. With this single, be on the lookout for more KDU material emerging in the future. In the meantime, be sure to stream the single on all listening platforms and check out the video above as well!  Be sure to follow KDU on all social media platforms to keep notified of all updates! Overall this single is a strong return from KDU and provides an exciting foundation for their next musical direction, which will surely be a ride well worth taking!

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