Morningside Lane's New Single “Cigarettes & Perfume”

Is All About Temptation

By John Matlosz

January 14, 2021

Just a couple of months after a successful debut released album These Are Our Years, alternative rock band Morningside Lane was not letting 2020 off the hook without another bang. The North Jersey-based band’s current lineup, formed in April 2019, consists of Marc Del Giudice (vocals & guitar), Brandon Broderick (guitar), Frankie Prendergast (bass), Brian Morelli (drums), and Dennis Matuche (keys). On December 25th, 2020, the guys gifted us with a simple yet praise-worthy Christmas present, single “Cigarettes & Perfume.”

Let’s break it down. The song establishes its foundation with a brilliant slapback guitar riff. Clean, reverberated plucking sets the pace and mood for the song, which greatly anticipates how this song plans to come alive. The riff definitely holds up throughout the track and reminds me of the good ole’ summer days driving down the Shore. It’s got that nice, twangy jersey sound to it. Right before that riff gets stuck in your head, the rhythm section comes in. Booming kick drum locks in with a fun and upbeat bassline. The three elements work together in a melodic and groovy fashion, and the only thing you’ll find yourself left doing is bobbing your head. The final piece to the puzzle comes in - Marc’s vocals. This guy has style! The charisma in his voice is evident and unmatched, blending nicely in the mix. We’re eventually taken to the chorus and hit with the lyric “I never understood you were no good, you smell like cigarettes and perfume.” After discussing with one of the band members, I learned the song is all about temptation. They explained that “the character is fixated on a flawed person who is basically no good for him. Cigarettes being the bad part and perfume being the thing that can lure you into it without even knowing.”

The song definitely delivers and is exactly the kind of vibe (always about the vibe!) people should be kicking off the new year with. It’s the kind of tune that makes you want to get up and move your feet. It’ll without a doubt be a crowd-pleaser once the venues open back up. Make sure to check out the single on all the streaming platforms and follow the band while you’re at it. I look forward to hearing what Morningside Lane brings to 2021!

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