Mister Tickle Hands Unleash The Groove With Latest Single “Reverse Vertigo”

Review by Kenny Bieber

March 6, 2021

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Let’s face it. We could all serve to let loose and enjoy ourselves these days. While doing so on the dance floor isn’t an immediate option just yet, Asbury Park synth-pop duo Mister Tickle Hands consisting of singer-songwriter Andrew Robinson and keyboardist and musician Roshane Karunaratne have teamed up with local ALT-pop visionary Blaise and the tremendously accomplished Emily Grove of Daughter Vision for “Reverse Vertigo” ... an unstoppable funk and disco-inspired extravaganza that’s one of the most purely exuberant, imaginative and flat-out joyous pieces of music released so far this year. The track, which also debuted with a delightfully vibrant and 70’s inspired music video, is built around some truly funky and groove-based arrangements and a gloriously infectious hook and vocal performance by Blaise that showcases his dynamic and electrifying range. The track also benefits from Mister Tickle Hands' savvy musicality and sophistication and their ability to combine diverse musical elements to create something distinct. Credit also to vocalist Emily Grove for providing some truly hypnotic backup vocals on the track that adds a layer of texture and atmosphere to the proceedings and offers a unique contrast to Blaise’s vocal performance resulting in a well-rounded execution.

For all parties involved, “Reverse Vertigo” is a triumph and serves as a showcase for each artist’s respective and collective talents and benefits from its cheeky, hilarious and euphoric nature. Drawing together it’s unique influences and offering a vibrant tribute to the funk and disco-pop of the 70’s and 80’s with a dazzling contemporary flavor and edge allowing for an organic and refreshing listening experience. Overall, in terms of performance, musicality and sheer entertainment value, “Reverse Vertigo” is some of the most thrilling, imaginative and accomplished music to come out of the local scene this or any other year. If anybody ever wondered if a single song can truly feel like a party in and of itself, listen to this track should give you a more than sufficient answer.

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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.


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