Morningside Lane Offers Tribute to Hometown With

“Home Crowd”

Review by Kenny Bieber

March 24,  2021

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Jersey Rock has long been considered a genre unto itself and many emerging artists have attempted to position themselves within this particular niche. One of the most prominent and accomplished thus far is Morningside Lane who add another cap to their feather with latest single “Home Crowd.” The track is a stirring, bluesy rock anthem that pays an honest, yet affecting, tribute to the band’s hometown of New Jersey.  "Home Crowd" paints a vivid and vibrant picture thanks to frontman Marc Del Giudice whose earnest vocal performance and clear-eyed songwriting allow for the track to gain genuine emotional resonance.

As per usual the band’s innate musical chemistry allows for the arrangements to truly shine and come alive while also spotlighting each member’s own unique sense of musicality in the process. From a musical and lyrical standpoint “Home Crowd” builds off the band’s sincere and energizing brand of modern rock while also revealing notable progression in their songwriting and musical craftsmanship. The track also finds the band delivering a fully committed performance with their signature blend of gusto, passion and sheer exuberance and energy. Overall, “Home Crowd” stands as another accomplished and strongly crafted addition to Morningside Lane’s already impressive catalog.

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Photo/Art Credit: Lawrence Wallis

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