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January 30, 2021

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Asbury Park-based singer/songwriter Natalie Farrell hits us with a powerful, and emotional single, “Keep Me Close.” Let me just say this now, this is her most raw and authentic single yet. The emotions are high in this track, and I’m definitely all for it.

Let’s musically break down this soulful song. It starts out with simple, yet soothing acoustic guitar plucking. I love some bright guitar playing! The opening bass lick makes its way in, which complements the acoustic guitar’s brilliance nicely and creates a solid foundation on what is to come. Then, the strums seamlessly blend into a clean, electric guitar sound, building up dynamically with percussive elements. All of a sudden, the build-up stops...Natalie’s charismatic vocal arrives. And it’s all uphill and smooth sailing from there.

Natalie encompasses an eclectic mix of musical styles ranging from soul, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, and rock. From what I’m hearing in “Keep Me Close,” she mainly reveals her soul and rhythmic singer and songwriter roots. Her vocals on this single greatly encapsulate her authenticity as a performer. Her dynamics and raw expressiveness really shine through here, especially during the last minute of the track. I was honestly moved to tears by the time the track ended. You can really feel the raw emotion that Natalie conveys. Definitely a 10/10 in terms of vibes; Remember it’s all about the vibes!

I took a moment to reach out to Natalie and ask her for the story behind this song. I was mainly interested in what this song means to her and the message she is trying to convey. What she wrote back made me emotional.

Natalie explained how “this song means the absolute most to me. It reminds me of the pain that I’ve conquered. The inner part of me taught myself to never give up and to stand strong. It’s a different and darker side of my music that no one has heard yet. This past year was not only taken over by a pandemic, but music went silent. I lost the euphoria from performing and I also lost my voice, literally. I was diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD).

The muscles in my throat were so tight that I had to not only relearn how to sing, but to talk again. I thought at one point that this was the end of music for me, but 8 months later after getting to the bottom of my problem and a lot of speech therapy, I stand tall with my chin up today.

This song was my anthem as I hope it will be for you. It’s a reminder to never give up on ourselves when we hit rock bottom or feel useless, to remember that you have yourself at the end of the day and you are truly a gift. No one else is you, you’re one in a million. Always keep yourself close.”

Now that is an amazing story and message, and it is extremely evident in this single. Natalie Farrell is definitely an artist worth witnessing once the venues open back up. Until then, make sure to follow her on her social platforms and stream “Keep Me Close” anywhere you listen to music!

Natalie Farrell @ WAWY 2019 ~ The Wonder Bar

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