Review by Kenny Bieber

April 8, 2021

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Photo Credit: Bella Liberati

Local NJ singer-songwriter Nick Ryan is still going strong despite 2021’s best efforts, and has just recently graced listeners with another strong single, “Should’ve Loved,” which also features a debut performance from fellow rising local NJ songwriter Bella Liberati. The single is a sultry and soulful number that features a typically captivating vocal performance from Ryan with an achingly tender hook. His performance is complemented by Liberati’s equally powerful and enchanting performance;  the vocals playing off of each other with seamless grace and emotion.


The track’s production is a strong mix of rock and soul that offers a rich atmosphere benefiting the emotion and sincerity of the two performances on display. Songwriting-wise, “Should’ve Loved” demonstrates some of Ryan’s most vulnerable and raw subject matter yet. And credit to Liberati for her commanding take on the subject matter that’s equally mature, intimate and engaging; thus resulting in a well-rounded number that’s genuinely resonant. As a showcase for the two promising talents, “Should’ve Loved” is a very satisfying and impactful triumph for both; and establishes itself as an immediately enjoyable outing as well.

Should’ve Loved” is currently available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to follow Nick and Bella for more updates regarding future shows and releases!

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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.

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