Rattle Them Bones

Electrify Blues-Rock Genre with "Krooked Man"

Review by Matty K

January 21, 2021

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Listen up guys…the dirty rock duo, Rattle Them Bones, absolutely crushes it with with their latest single "Krooked Man." This alt-blues rock track feels like the perfect blend of one-part Black Keys and one-part Royal Blood. Make no mistake however, this one’s uniquely fresh. The Jersey duo is made up of Mississippi Steve and Marc Lampasona and I have a strong suspicion that these guys are just getting warmed up. It’s evident that they’ll be delivering hard rock sounds that are going to make a lot of heads bob.

The performances are stellar. The vocal work on this one can be called nothing if not soulful. The sound feels very reminiscent of what you might hear from bands like Corrosion of Conformity or Clutch…really great stuff! The instrumentation is gritty and aggressive with an increasing virtuosity that manifests throughout the track’s progression. More drum fills than you deserve and a clinic on how to lay down a proper guitar lick. I’m definitely looking forward to a live performance from these guys.

The official video for "Krooked Man" is available on Youtube and a second single "Take You Down" accompanies this track on Spotify. Now go check ‘em out and show this band some support!


"Krooked Man"

"Take You Down"

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Matty K is an avid rock & roll fan. The sounds, the imagery, the folklore...there’s a passion for it all. Lifelong Jersey local and a self-proclaimed “basement musician,” he finds himself spending a lot of time explaining why he’s not a music snob. “Hmm...maybe I am.”


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