Rory D’Lasnow Offers Captivating Ode to Letting Go on

“I Won’t Do Anything”

Review by Kenny Bieber

May 5, 2021

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Photo Credit: Diane DiMemmo

Local NJ singer-songwriter Rory D’Lasnow is continuing his already impressive momentum with the release of his latest single “I Won’t Do Anything.” The track which follows previous singles “An American Lie”, “Happy”, and “Forgotten” is a haunting yet tender acoustic number that tackles the process of grief with a captivating humanity, earnestness and raw vulnerability. Much of D’Lasnow’s catalog tackles human experience but “I Won’t Do Anything” may be his most candid portrait of it yet.  He shares insightful storytelling and a vocal performance that’s totally commanding and uncompromising in it’s delivery and intent.


Musically, D’Lasnow’s understated style benefits the track greatly and allows its vivid imagery and themes deeper resonance ... eliciting complex emotions with grace, artistry and compassion. As a performer and songwriter, “I Won’t Do Anything” offers a moving and heartfelt example of D’Lasnow’s progression and solidifies his innate lyrical and musical ability to convey personal themes with authenticity and maturity.

D’Lasnow is currently prepping the release of his upcoming EP and is expected to have more announcements regarding releases and shows in the near future. In the meantime, you can follow Rory on all social media and streaming platforms and be sure to check out his Songwriter Showcase on Instagram live every Wednesday at 8 PM!

I Won’t Do Anything” is available now to stream on all platforms!

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