Rory D’Lasnow Crafts Touching Ode To Connection With Latest Single “Forgotten”

By Kenny Bieber

March 10, 2021

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Photo Credit: Kenny Bieber

Local NJ singer-songwriter Rory D’Lasnow continues to build upon his momentum with the release of his latest single “Forgotten” which serves as a tremendously powerful and touching ode to personal connections and cherishing the moments we have. The track is an understated yet organic indie-rock number which benefits from it’s straightforward nature as D’Lasnow delivers introspective and deeply personal songwriting, along with a vocal performance that’s full of soul, intimacy and a genuine tenderness.

The track’s subject matter examines themes of expressing things unsaid and reflecting on those we’ve lost. While this could’ve been delivered in a somber fashion, D’Lasnow imbues the track with a genuine positivity and humanity along with some of his most immediately effective and engaging arrangements thus far. As a single, “Forgotten” follows D’Lasnow’s previous outings “Happy” (featuring fellow singer-songwriter Phil Robinson) and the stirring anthem “An American Lie.” "Forgotten" manages to build off of the former’s confessional lyricism and the latter’s musical scope to create arguably his most united and accomplished single thus far, while displaying genuine growth both musically and lyrically as well.

Listen to "Forgotten"

D’Lasnow is expected to drop his highly anticipated debut album this year which is set to feature this single among others. Despite current circumstances, D’Lasnow has managed to stay active between releasing music and hosting his weekly virtual "The Songwriter Showcase" on Instagram which features a variety of both local and international talent. Be sure to follow Rory on all streaming and social platforms as well!

Overall “Forgotten” serves as another showcase for Rory D’Lasnow’s growing talent and potential and is his most emotionally and musically rich single to date. Contrary to its title, “Forgotten” is a song that’s bound to leave a lasting impression on listeners and keep D’Lasnow’s status as an artist to remember alive and well.

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