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January 26, 2021

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Heads up everyone…Someday Day You’ll Know Us has unleashed an aggressive outpouring of raw and very human emotions with their debut EP... Coping Method. The Holmdel, NJ natives, are not messing around with this release. A no holds barred collection of hard rock/metalcore tracks sure to satisfy any fan of the genre and beyond.

Okay, let’s dive in…

With the first track “One Night Sovereigns,” the band is making it clear, without any doubt, what they’re here to do … blow our minds. This one is an anthem to the live show, a celebration of being alive and being in the moment. The melodic vocal performance sits within this driving arrangement perfectly. The only thing that could possibly make this one better is seeing it performed live on stage.


The next track “Single Flawed Human” creeps in with a foreboding synth line and quickly explodes into an emotional confession of frustration brought on by a seemingly toxic relationship. Heavy guitar riffs and intense vocal performances demand your attention on this one. The creative drum work, that just doesn’t let up for a second, puts some of the band’s talent on full display.

You better strap in for this next one. “Hallowed Halls” is immediately in your face and only allows you to catch your breath briefly during its melodic chorus. The tempo changes are very effective and really let the groove set in. This is an immensely energetic track that will have you looking for a mosh pit to jump into.

With the fourth track, “This Time,” the band slows things down slightly, but not at any cost of emotion. In what sounds to be a song of regret and soul bearing, the instrumentation is front and center. The intro, which features a stellar bass tone, gives way to a crescendo marching drumbeat leading to a very hooky chorus. We are also treated to some vocal harmonies on this one that adds yet another layer to an already dynamic song. I think track is my favorite on the EP.

Rounding it off is “Saving Throw.” This track features yet another captivating vocal performance braced by rugged beats and increasingly creative guitar tones throughout. There is another level to this one that leaves one to wonder if there are any limits this band couldn’t aspire to. This one has made the playlist.

Coping Method is a rock-solid performance with great production quality throughout. Beginning to end this one comes across way beyond your typical debut EP. My final word on Someday Day You’ll Know Us...I think that day is today!

Catch the video for "Hallowed Halls" on YouTube and the entire EP on all streaming platforms. Rock on!

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Matty K is an avid rock & roll fan. The sounds, the imagery, the folklore...there’s a passion for it all. Lifelong Jersey local and a self-proclaimed “basement musician,” he finds himself spending a lot of time explaining why he’s not a music snob. “Hmm...maybe I am.”

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