Review by Matty K

February 15, 2021

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The Jersey City boys, Supermutt, are back with their latest single and you better not miss out. The band claims to only release crunchy tunes and “No Shame” certainly fits that bill. Pushing even further away from their roots as a cover band, this most recent release is another strong entry to the group’s growing catalog of original music. Where previous tracks have featured a strong blues-rock influence, “No Shame” shows us another layer of Supermutt’s creativity by adding what might be described as a touch of ska.

Stellar performances on this one. Toe-tapping and up tempo, “No Shame” features The Gutless Worms horn section which delivers a perfect synergy of sound that you’d think these guys had been working together for years. A driving bassline, of perfect tone, along with steady rockin’ drumbeats lay down the foundation for the virtuosic guitar work we’ve come to expect from Supermutt. Sure to become a fan favorite, with an infectious sing-a-long chorus, we’re certainly looking forward to any live performance of this one!

Be sure to check out “No Shame” on Spotify and don’t miss out on all of what Supermutt’s doing on YouTube...truly entertaining. Thank you Supermutt...for the binaural bliss of “No Shame”!!!

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Matty K is an avid rock & roll fan. The sounds, the imagery, the folklore...there’s a passion for it all. Lifelong Jersey local and a self-proclaimed “basement musician,” he finds himself spending a lot of time explaining why he’s not a music snob. “Hmm...maybe I am.”

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