SleapingDreaming Releases Trailblazing New Album


Review by Matty K

March 26, 2021

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Time for something a little darker. SleapingDreaming, the Brooklyn based rock trio, has released their first full length album, M. Inclemens today; and it’s a self-described journey through a dreamy, haunting, hypnotic soundscape and I couldn’t agree more. The band is made up of drummer Brian Clemens, bassist John Loggins and guitarist Tim Porter and with this release they’ve created something you’d be unfortunate not to experience.

The album opens with “Ring of Fireflies.” The track welcomes us in with a melodic bassline of perfect tone and beautifully resonant guitar work that sets an almost foreboding mood. As the vocals join the mix, they are delivered in a deliberately monotone style reminiscent of an early Pink Floyd track. The style choices throughout are very effective in maintaining the dark mystical vibe on this one. As the track reaches its crescendo, SleapingDreaming gets our attention with the heavy stuff. Check on the video that accompanies “Ring of Fireflies” below.

Track two, “Sojourner’s Truth,” is an absolute beast charging at you with each note. A crunchy bassline lays the foundation for this epic piece as it moves through its many layers of complexity. The drum work by Brian Clemons is impressive. So often drummers just keep time but not the case here. The drums are treated as an instrument and we are treated to an incredible performance. Minimal lyrics on this one but...attention-grabbing nonetheless.

The next track, interesting tilted “Kowalski,” begins with a welcoming melody almost lulling us into a false sense of serenity before it delivers a jolt of crunchy distortion that will not be ignored. Midway through the track, the earlier reverberating melody returns allowing us to catch our breath for a moment, but they’re not done with us yet. The track ramps back up again before closing with a steady fade.

Track four, “Hunter Gatherer” begins with an ethereal soundscape that brings us into one of the more lyrical tracks on the album. I believe there is a critique here, one of humanity and purpose. The lyric “Monkeys with money...” will leave you thinking. The down tempo groove feels almost jazz inspired, showing us yet another layer of SleapingDreaming. One that I hope they continue to explore. The song is probably the most “radio-ready” on the album, if such a term still even exists. No matter...a stellar performance all the same.

Up next is “Prayer Hands.” We start with an interestingly percussive bass line that draws us in accompanied by a drone note that turns up the already hypnotic vibe. The use of reverb on the guitar melody creates a ground that the fuzz and distortion launch from as the track progresses. John Loggins dials in some perfect bass tones on this track and Tim Porter delivers a clinic on layering multiple guitar effects. Subtle sound effects throughout, shows us there is no fear of experimentation in the studio.

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Rounding out M. Inclemens is “Rainbow Dash 3” and it’s a monster. Out of the gate with a bluesy jam that’s just right up and in your face. Then the track moves into some creative use of vocal samples which maintains the mysterious themes throughout the entirety of the album. Then the jam returns, and the guys are really in the pocket, firing on all cylinders. The complexity of the track is curated through the use of electronic effects and samples mixed perfectly. This is one piece that I certainly hope to see performed live, sooner rather than later.

Overflowing with creativity, and musicianship abound, M. Inclemens is a work of art. The band, SleapingDreaming, is an original act that deserves some of your attention now. They would fit perfectly supporting acts like All them Witches or Yawning Man. Enough reading...go listen!

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