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Stephen Bryant has been living his vision from the heart from high school to six years in the Navy Band to now teaching Band at Wall Township Intermediate School; all while residing as co-owner of MMDA (Manasquan Music Academy) located at 233 E Main Street in Manasquan, New Jersey. 

Recently, Steve has released a lush and layered EP titled Folk Song as RED 123. He explains,“RED 123 started as a basement project during a time of isolation. These songs were created as an outlet for creativity in collaboration with some amazing musicians. This music has been influenced by too many artists and enduring friendships to mention. Most of all it has been healing for me ...”

Listen and learn about Folk Song!

(1) "Folk Song" ~ Open tuning, standard progression, its simple melody reaps a harmonic resonance with an intent to keep the family safe during the pandemic. Dedicated to the Primary Caregiver of Stephen's father. Running Time 5:05 

(2) "5 on C" ~ An acoustic C6 tuning in 5/4, with an exquisite 6/8 piano time change, A spontaneous meeting of the minds is this song's source of origin captured from the intuitive depths of non-thought. Carpe Diem. Running Time 2:16 

(3) "Joni" ~ An open D tuning brings an Americana milieu to a song named after Joni Mitchell featuring from Nigeria Timothy Adedigba Ogunbiyi. Running Time 4:56 

(4) "Cameron Court" ~ A standard tuning waltz in 3, a minor key journey of comfort and melancholy enveloped as a breath of Wes Montgomery. Running Time 5:20 

(5) "Trane Time" ~ A standard turning homage to John Coltrane's Giant Steps, Listen within the first six chords into the solo change. Running Time 4:48 

(6) "August Moon" ~ An open strumming piece inspired by his daughter Sydney. Running Time 4:47

Lesson Plan:

Artist development internalizes its moral compass to turn away from mammon and fame. To value the principle of transferable skills, empowering the individual student to cultivate their pathway with the purest power of musical expression, fun, and understandings. Teaching is based on listening ...  listening is born of silence. MMDA is more about unveiling life experiences than exploiting a commercial endeavor.

Together through life, economics, responsibilities, and heartbreak are inevitable. An original song, a favorite piece of music will always heal as a cathartic aspect, and bring good old life to the party.

Guide Line Inspirations ~ Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery.

Stephen's Six Essential Albums:

1. Pat Metheny Group.

2. Miles Davis ~ Kind of Blue.

3. The Beatles ~ Abbey Road.

4. Wes Montgomery ~ Smokin' At the Half Note

5. Aaron Copland ~ Appalachian Spring.

6. U2  ~ Achtung Baby.

Mark Your Calendar!

Upcoming Record Release Show

Langosta Lounge

June 10, 7:00 pm

Call to Reserve (732) 455 3275

Liner Notes



Stephen Bryant - Guitars/String Arrangement (5 on C)

Timothy Adedigba Ogunbiyi - Piano/Organ

Cody McCorry - Bass

Tom Cottone - Drums

Percussion - David Anthony

Jeff Levine - Organ ( 5 on C)

Roland Gjernes - Cello (Cameron Ct/Joni)

Michael Stein - String Arrangements and performance ( Cameron Ct/ Joni )


Recorded at Shorefire Studio, Long Branch NJ

Engineered by Joe DeMaio.

Additional Piano Recordings, Jankland Studios Belmar NJ.

Engineered by Steve Jankowski.

Mixed by Dave O'Donnell at Studio D.

Mastered by Drew Lavyne at All Digital.

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Gregory Schwartz - 2007 Poet Laureate Asbury Park.

Lyricist for Gorky Park Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989.

Rolling Stone: pictures from Bamboozle 2012.

Featured in the Steve Forbert Video "Sandy."

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