The Dives Deliver a Heartfelt Anthem on “Never Enough”

Review by Kenny Bieber

May 21, 2021

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Rising NJ Alternative ALT-pop band The Dives have been enjoying a steady ascent as of late and that momentum continues on their soaring and anthemic new number “Never Enough.” The track benefits from it’s glossy synth-pop inspired production and a sincere and commanding performance from guitarist and vocalist Mike Lefton that anchors the proceedings.

Musically, The Dives offer a distinct and fresh sound that manages to reflect their contemporary influences while also displaying a knack for strong pop melodies, emotive songwriting and brisk arrangements. The arrangements here also provide an ample showcase for each member of the band with drummer Jimmy Meir adding texture and rhythm; and Sergio Ortega’s pulsating bass providing the track with a welcome dose of vibrant energy and edge. All of these elements allow “Never Enough” to come together as a well-rounded and dynamic track that illustrates The Dives collective strengths along with their already notable progression as well.

The Dives as a band are expected to be releasing new music soon and hopefully announcing more news and events in the future. Be sure to give them a follow on all social media and streaming platforms and stream “Never Enough” out now!

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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.

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