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Tony Appleseed continues the conversation with an eight-song concept piece titled Conjecture.

This new collection follows up his last project from five months ago In Kayfabe.

This is the rule of engagement for building an ever-increasing audience base, all the while, combining the past, present, and future to move ever forward.

Mr. Appleseed's uncompromising focus on detail is the proper way to exercise one's natural skill set, which in the end increases the artist's catalog of maximum expression and vision.

Conjecture is a series of videos yet to be filmed. Although it will take a most professional understanding of storyboarding and editing to bring such a project to fruition.

Tony Appleseed's Recommended tracks: A Good Little Ecosocialist Boy, Justice, Other's Dreams.

My recommended tracks: Stochastic, Ten Ninety-Nine, Justice, Other's Dream.

Tony and I recommend listening uninterrupted for the complete concept and story arc.

Track List-Running Times

1 Stochastic 1:05

2 Ten Ninety-Nines 5:18

3 A Good Little Ecosocialist Boy 4:52

4 (Will the World) Be Quiet? 2:57

5 Justice 5:08

6 Other’s Dreams 4:30

7 Whirl 3:25

8 Breathe Out 5:00


Tony and his wife, Jordan, are expecting the birth of their second child, a daughter.

As the infinite mysteries of life and love will determine the backstory of Tony's next project, time for certain will yield its challenges and blessings.

With a notebook by their bedside and a musical inner mind, Tony Appleseed's creative life will attempt to perfect its continuum. As the concerned await on what today can't deter and for tomorrow to grant the determination that honors the muse.

Sincerity and honesty will clear the path for their return home ... for a family is the meaning of living the good life.

Everyone here at Asbury Park Vibes sends them congratulations on the joyful birth of their daughter.

Liner Notes

Tony Appleseed: vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, drums, drum machines, programming, sequencing, sampling, turntables, percussion javier rebollar: drums (track 2)

Mike Costaney: drums, sampling, additional bass, synthesizer, vocals (track 4 & 7)

Roshane Karunaratne: electric piano, synthesizers, drum programming (track 5 & 8)

Harold Frazee: piano (track 5)

Joe Makoviecki: vocals (track 5)

Katie Hannemann: vocals (track 6)

Tristan Diaz: electric piano, synthesizers, additional percussion (track 6)

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered at antFARM(studio)

Artwork by Gregg Bautista

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