Review by Nick Manduley

June 1, 2021

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Ocean/Monmouth county-based band With Sails Ahead released their latest single “Murder Mountain” on May 19th. As the companion release to their late 2020 single “In Fear and Loathing,” “Murder Mountain” continues to build on the sonic departure from the progressive J-rock stylings of their 2018 EP Morning Sun in favor of a heavier post-hardcore direction.

Murder Mountain” conjures sonic peaks and valleys with bouncing riffage and melodic lead guitar against softer clean-toned sections under Sierra Binondo’s serene vocals. The heavier, down-beaten sections of the track mark it as With Sails Ahead’s first song with unclean vocals; hopefully insinuating that screams will be more abundant in their future material. The dichotomy of Binondo’s sublime vocal melodies and formidable screams stands as a testament to her vocal prowess.

The band also released a music video for the new single, which serves as a second part to the story set up by the video for “In Fear and Loathing.” As foreshadowed by the events of the “Fear and Loathing” video, the bandmates find themselves going head-to-head with the masked marauders of the dastardly Murder Mountain. Both of the Kris Khunachak-directed videos can be found on the With Sails Ahead YouTube channel.


The band released a new line of merch for “Murder Mountain,” including a poster, a sticker bundle (which includes a cheeky bumper sticker reading “This Car Climbed Murder Mountain”), and a limited-edition hot sauce aptly titled “Murder Mountain Summit.” The smoky, 100% vegan sauce was spawned out of the band’s collaboration with Complete Goner Hot Sauce. Merch can be purchased at withsailsahead.com/new-products.

“Murder Mountain” and “In Fear and Loathing” are now available for streaming on all major streaming services.


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Nick Manduley is an aspiring music journalist and musician from Bradley Beach, NJ. He is currently an intern at Relix Magazine where he helps produce and curate online content. Since 2016, he has provided guitars and vocals for the local punk band Drive, Kid. Drive, Kid released an EP and a full-length album in 2018, and are currently recording their sophomore LP.

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