By Gregory "The Poet" Schwartz

April 29, 2022

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Composer/guitarist Alejandro Ataucusi along with fellow musicians. Robbie Sko (Keyboardist), Mike Dick (drummer), David Greiff (percussionist), and Jackson Grundt (bassist) have recorded an 8 song 39 min collection entitled Peruvian Rhapsody, a Modern Jazz genre based in Afro-Peruvian tradition.

The first single “Cafe Frio” is a live in-studio performance which can be viewed on YouTube.  It’s followed by the second song “Peruvian Rhapsody” set for an April 29 release date. This song again shares the collection's namesake.

The third single “Sanguito” is set for a day in May release followed by the complete recordings, sometime in September.

"While living in Sydney, Australia for a couple of months, I had the idea of experimenting with a new hybrid that combines unknown latin rhythms to the American public and Jazz. I have no interest in playing traditional afroperuvian music or straight ahead jazz. Instead, I am more interested in creating a bridge where both genres can meet and form something different."

-Alejandro Ataucusi

Forbidden Tropics' Peruvian Rhapsody joins an ever-growing aspect of musicians having graduated from college music programs. Free from the limitations of pop shelf life, these musicians are committed to perfecting their lifelong skills.

How will the local jazz scene unify? It happens as each individual gig moves on ever forward. Maybe when the roof of the Turf Club is completed. Or the Pollak Theater at Monmouth University will fall into place as the organic gatherings turn into a following. World Jazz Music will always have an audience to self-sustain it.

Please welcome Forbidden Tropics'  dynamic Peruvian Rhapsody with a listen of acknowledgement and appreciation  as we grow together, cultivating our music community.

“Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

Track list:

1 Cafe Frio

2 Zamacueca

3 Sanguito

4 Tunki’s festejo

5 El Burro

6 Peruvian Rhapsody

 7 Always (featuring Julie Pirro on vocals)

8 Donde están mis zapatos

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Pollak Theater Monmouth U, Moscow 89

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