Poem by Gregory Schwartz

July 30, 2022

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JEM Records Celebrates Pete Townshend.

August 5th, Release Date.

Available on Vinyl, CD, Amazon, Apple Music

And the individual band/musicians media.

The third in Jem Records “celebrates” series

Following the previous collection of

John Lennon, Brian Wilson music.

To correlate any clichéd “Who” reference would be a disservice to

each band/musician, personality/sound, /expertise/craft.

The eclectic interpretations centralizes the pathos of Jem Records.

Perfectly mirrored in the choosing of hits, album cuts, non album singles and solo albums.

This is not an amateur development project.

This collection is comprised of impassioned technique,

transcendent emotional content, studio precision, sentient malleability and

heart captivating vocal doubling.

There’s not a miscalculation throughout the intention of arrangement

Everyone did their homework, surpassing any uncertainty of a mediocre final mix.

Not going to weigh in with a comparison of each track,

for that’s subjective to the individual listeners liking.

I know not the connection/reason between artist and song choice

That being, each song choice could simply be a quintessential matching.

JEM Records Celebrates Pete Townshend.

14 songs 50 min.

Respective Albums each track is taken from.

Baba O’Riley. (Who Are You coda) Lisa & Super 8.

Who’s Next. Who Are You.

I’m Free ( Listening to You coda) The Grip Weeds. Tommy.

Let My Love Open The Door. The Midnight Callers.

Empty Glass, Townshend solo album.

The Seeker, Nick Piunti. Non Album Single.

Glow Girl, (It’s a Girl overture coda)The Anderson Council,

The Who Sell Out, It’s a Girl coda taken from Tommy.

I Can’t Explain. Lisa Mychols & Super 8.

Second Non Album Single, First under The Who name.

The Kids Are Alright. Johnathan Pushkar. My Generation ,Who Debut Album.

So Sad About Us. The Gold Needles.

A Quick One. A Quick One. The Grip Weeds. A Quick One.

I Can See For Miles. The Weeklings. The Who Sell Out ,Released as a Single.

Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand. The Anderson Council. The Who Sell Out.

Let’s See Action. Richard Barone. Who Came First. Townshend First Solo Album.

The Goods Gone. The Gold Needles. My Generation.

Substifool. (Won’t Get Fooled Again Intro, middle eight, pre chorus) The Airport 77s.

Substitute Released as a Single, Won’t Get Fooled Again, Who’s Next.

Album Cover: Anthony Parisi,

Artist/ Concept By Toni Scott

Mastered by Kurt Reil at The House of Vibes, Highland Park, NJ. 

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