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March 4, 2022

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Madi Diaz released a brand new EP today - Same History, New Feelings - and it features a few favorites like Waxahatchee, Natalie Hembey, Courtney Marie Andrews and Angel Olsen. The release is a remake of History Of A Feeling which was released in 2021. This version has a little more soul than the original but both versions of the album provoke quite a bit of emotion.

Resentment” comes in like the original with the powerful lyric that gets me on both versions “I don’t hate you baby, it's worse than that, because you hurt me and I don’t react”. I don’t know about you, but it reminds me of my past disappointments and I think we can all relate. It’s an incredibly human emotion to not speak up and just dwell in resentment. I do love hearing Katie Crutchfield’s (Waxahatchee) vocals come in front and center in the second verse. It gives the song such a different flavor without disrupting the raw emotion from the original.

History of a Feeling” is another song that is incredibly relatable as it speaks once again of getting burned from a former romantic relationship. I really enjoyed hearing this tune with both voices that are distinct but both so melodic and calming. The humming that comes in a little after the first verse gives the song a twist towards a more pensive direction. The song has a distinct pause forcing you to stop and reflect. Then there is a dramatic comeback that really brings out the lyrics that really does give you “New Feelings.” Sounds super cliché but these changes made me listen to the song differently much like the EP as a whole.

New Person, Old Place'' has such a rad intro sounding almost church-like with bells in the distance. There is a soft strumming of what sounds like a Ukulele when the verse comes in, making the lyrics easier to absorb. The new arrangement also gives this song a more upbeat vibe, making you believe that there is some triumph after the pain sits long enough with “What used to hurt doesn't hurt anymore. What used to work doesn’t work anymore”. This version makes me certain that Diaz is letting us know she is further along the journey of healing.

Forever” starts with Angel Olsen’s voice which made me light up as I absolutely love her voice. It feels like Olsen had a lot of influence in this version as it resembles her style. I do think the duet in this song is my favorite and the extra instruments like the keys brought this song out of it’s despair as well.

Same History, New Feelings does give you the all around impression that it is the remake of the original feelings that were placed in the album in a very raw manner and now we are hearing something that had a little time to age and grow. The healing process of this super painful scenario gives you a sense of hope. This album reminds me of that very moment when you realize that everything will be ok after walking through a really dark space. Thank you Diaz for reminding me of that.

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