A Bloody Mess but a Bloody Good Time!

Franklin Music Hall

Philadelphia, PA

Show Date: October 30, 2021

Words & Photos by Steve Cerf

GWAR hit the stage Saturday night at the Franklin Music Hall (Philly) with its combination of blood, guts, and thrash metal. Combine that with a mosh pit of dozens of sweat-covered, blood-soaked fans, you have an eruption of a totally chaotic weekend concert.

Founded in 1984 out of Richmond Va, these heavy metal rockers have been belting out tunes and squirting fake blood onto their audience for close to four decades. Even the death of lead singer and frontman, Dave Brockie, in 2014 has failed to stop GWAR from giving it their all to their hard-core fans.

GWAR puts on a great show, leaving their audience, and me, covered in blood from head to toe. I just hope it washes out when I do my laundry.

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My name is Steve Cerf and concert photography is my passion. I got into concert photography after seeing a young Freddy Mercury mesmerize his audience at the Philadelphia Civic Center back in 1977. Since then, I have photographed countless live performances of all kinds. Located in Philadelphia, my ability to experience the show and a performer’s essence and “sweat” is what I incorporate into my images.

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