Asbury Park Vibes takes show coverage to a much higher level. The goal is for our articles to make readers re-live the show (if they were there) or to want to see you perform (if they missed it). One of the most frequent comments we get from our followers is, "After reading your review, I really want to see that band live!"

We're a team of dedicated photojournalists who truly care about representing you well. Having a positive write-up about your live performance is a golden piece of marketing material because it has so many promotional uses.

Ways to Capitalize on Positive Show Coverage

📌 Post it on your website's NEWS page. 

📌 Add to your EPK.

📌 Share quotes from the article to accentuate your strengths to followers and music colleagues.

📌 Repost photos from the performance to heighten interest in attending your shows.

📌 Send the article link to industry professionals.

📌 Pick a portion of the article to create a press release and forward to local news publications.

Contact us if you'd like one of your shows to be covered by Asbury Park Vibes. There is no fee for this service with the exception of a ticket for entry and a photo pass.

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